Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gasparilla Island Kids Classic tarpon tournament video

How Skip and I spent our Saturday afternoon. I shot the video, Skip did the stills and shot the pre-tourney video. I guess I get the editing credit. Or blame. The event is a tarpon tournament for kids held Saturday, May 21, 2011 in Boca Grande Pass. The tournament is sponsored by Gasparilla Outfitters.

The music is "Hey Now" by Red Garland. The piano thing at the end is canned something.

For those who have asked, the water droplets on the lens at the beginning of the fishing footage aren't a computer-generated effect. They're real. The Boca Grande Fire Department filled the air with spray and our boat cruised straight into it. It was a fine mist, but with thousands of dollars in camera equipment on the line, hilarity ensued. And panic. In the end, no harm was done. But it came out looking sort of cool - so we kept it.

To check out the YouTube version of the tournament video, and other original Fishing With Fredo vids, give it a click here.